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#SaySomething with @jndh_ (at Northland Secondary School)

Awesome meal with colleagues! (at Medz @ Orchard Central)

Awesome meal with colleagues! (at Medz @ Orchard Central)

Taking my #Tamil lesson to #Queensway. Shoe shop owner wrote this for me. (at Queensway Shopping Centre)

Taking my #Tamil lesson to #Queensway. Shoe shop owner wrote this for me. (at Queensway Shopping Centre)

#龍捲風 classic siol @regtwy (at Switch by Timbre)

Anbe anbe, aaruyire, nee indri, naan illai.

My yummy microwaved #eggs breakfast (at Northland Secondary School)

My yummy microwaved #eggs breakfast (at Northland Secondary School)

袁宝! @xiao_yuan_bao  (at Tropical Spring Singapore)

袁宝! @xiao_yuan_bao (at Tropical Spring Singapore)

Managed to get my free #basketball. Lol. Thanks #itsg #AAPEStreetballJam  (at Aape By I.T.)

Managed to get my free #basketball. Lol. Thanks #itsg #AAPEStreetballJam (at Aape By I.T.)

Trying to redeem a free basketball at #itsg #AAPEStreetballJam (at Northland Secondary School)

LG G Watch Review


1. This is the first smartwatch I’ve ever used, so I can’t compare it to any other.

2. My brother bought it but had difficulty getting it to work on his ZOPO phone due to bluetooth issues, so he gave it to me to try for a week.


Before use

I wasn’t very keen about the whole idea of smartwatch for a few reasons. First, they are pricey. Second, I felt that they are redundant, an unnecessary addition to our technological gadgets. Third, I’ve tried google voice command on my phone and it hasn’t been exactly satisfactory so far.


First impression (Sunday)

I was in the middle of playing Cards against Humanity when my brother passed me the watch. He did a quick reset for me, connected it to my phone via bluetooth and I put it on.

(+) My first thought: What a light watch!

(+) I carried on playing my card game. Suddenly, someone played a card with a word that nobody understood. My first reaction was to reach for my phone, but I quickly realised I had to make full use of this cute little piece of gadget that has been bestowed upon to me by my dear brother. So I tapped the screen and murmured the word into my watch. Poof! The watch recognised the word and showed a very short google search return on it. Another tap on the screen immediately opened up the definition on my phone. First try was a great success! Another two subsequent tries also generated similar results. So far, the watch has done well.

(+) I then went out for dinner with my buddies, and spent some time trying to get the watch to look the way I want it to. There are plenty of watch faces for you to choose from on Play Store. I was pretty satisfied with the variety and the ease of customisation to get the look I prefer.


Real life usage on a busy day (Monday)

(-) Charged it up to 100% and left it overnight unplugged. Woke up with 82% left on the watch. Damn! 18% over a night? Hmm, alright, let’s see what you’re made of.

(-) Carried on my day as a teacher as per normal. A few students quickly realised the new gadget and asked me about it. When I tried to show them how it works, it failed miserably, just as it failed when I tried to show some of my colleagues its ability to send texts through voice.

(+) So far, it only succeeded when I tried to send my colleague a text for the first time. His name is Guan Lin, and I was pretty impressed by how it was able to recognise a Chinese name accurately. Subsequently, it went downhill.

(-) Often, after an awkward murmur into the watch in public, you get a screen that says “Can’t reach Google at the moment” or “Offline”. Makes you want to make yourself disappear after talking to a phone like an idiot in public and not achieving anything. Hell, watch, I’m not going to repeat it again and again until you get it.

(+) However, the biggest advantage of the watch, to me, is that it can reduce the frequency of you checking your phone. I switched my phone to silent mode without vibration, and turned on vibration on my watch. When any notification comes in, my watch will vibrate and I can see the notification on my watch without the need to reach for my phone.

(+) I can even see the content of WhatsApp messages and reply to them on my watch. You can either use voice or the preset messages to reply. The downside is that you can only reply to messages, you can’t initiate. That also means you can only make one reply, not multiple, to a single conversation.

(-) By the time I get home, the battery reached 20%. This means that you have to charge it daily for it to last you the day.



The LG G Watch is a good-to-have gadget, but I’m not too sure I will spend money to buy one. Two reasons. One, there are other nicer competitors out there (Moto 360, I’m looking at you). Two, the voice recognition only works half the time, which is extremely frustrating. The purpose of smartwatches, in my opinion, is to make your life better or easier, not add unnecessary annoyance to your daily routines. Based on this premise, it only made my life better in a way that I could check my phone slightly less frequently. Therefore, in my opinion, it might not be economically wise to get a smartwatch like the LG G Watch.